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Our process


Our method

The fabrication of a fringed lampshade begins with shaping of the copper frame, meticulously the wire is bent and soldered into the desired form.

Next, a cotton band is wrapped snugly around the frame, providing a stable foundation for the fabric covering.

With the frame prepared, the chosen fabric is carefully stitched and pleated onto the cotton band, following the contours of the frame for a precise fit.

Once the fabric is in place, the lower edge of the lampshade is adorned with fringes, adding a sophisticated touch to the design.

To complete the fabrication, braids are added to the lampshade, enhancing its overall aesthetic.


We believe that quality is essential  in crafting durable fringed lampshades.

That is the reason, we source only high-quality materials, such as fabrics like dupion silk to natural linen and bio cotton, ensuring each shade has a unique texture.

We select our fringes based on their thickness to add richness.

While copper frames are reinforced especially for durability yet remain lightweight. Lastly, the braids are true work of art, combining different threads to create an intricate pattern of colours.

Every material has been carefully chosen to provide our client a product of quality which will last.

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